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A Story Of positive change.

The Soap Bar was the Original Soap. 

Long before heavily processed and chemical-based “soaps” became the norm, there were bar soaps made from natural ingredients.

Since then, soap corporations have started replacing natural ingredients with chemical substitutes, additives, and fillers to lower production costs and shelf prices.

The cost was paid by consumers in the form of dry skin and our planet in the form of plastic and chemical pollution… 

“We’re bringing back the way soaps should have been made all along; from a few well-selected and environmentally safe ingredients.” 

The shortest road from plants to hands 

Every time a bar of soap is shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor to the wholesaler to the retailer and finally to the consumer, it has a carbon footprint. We strive to strip away unnecessary transportation, so you get the purest soap shipped right to your door. 

We have the same philosophy for the production of our soaps itself. If we can skip processing steps and keep our products natural that’s what we will do. That’s why we skip processed ingredients and use vegetable oils and essential oils instead. 

And since we are not shipping our products multiple times around the globe, we can completely avoid plastic packaging. All our soaps ship in biodegradable packaging that can be either recycled or composted after use. 

Simple, Basic, Edible? 

Don’t eat our soaps! Though the majority of our ingredients, like olive oil and shea butter, can be found in many kitchens, our soaps are not edible. After going through the saponification process which turns vegetable oils into soap you shouldn’t attempt to eat it. However, it is our philosophy, that if an ingredient isn’t clean and safe enough to eat, you won’t find it in our soaps.