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4 Tips On How To Make Your Soap Last Longer

Buying a bar of natural soap isn't just an ordinary buy, its an investment into yourself.

In the short term it does cost a lot more than your conventional soap, but in the long run its delivers you the soft and clear skin that you desire.

Just like any investment, you want to get the most out of it, that's why we here at Natural Soap Depot have compiled a list of tips for you to make your bar of natural soap last longer!


When you buy soap that is 100% natural like ours, then it'll be super fatted.

That means that there are a lot of extra oils included in the formula to make the bar moisturizing and soft on the skin, it also includes glycerin which is a super hydrating by-product of the soap that gets put back into the bar.


Usually conventional soap companies substitute most of the ingredients with cheaper chemicals and remove the glycerin (which they stick into their lotions) to make a bar that is harder and last longer for the users.

Problem with this is that the cheap chemicals they put into the soap doesn't usually react well with our skin and causes us to get bad reactions.

The solution to all this is to prolong your bars life by following some of the tips we are about to list.


1. Don't let it sit on the side of your tub.

This might seem like it doesnt make sense at first because where else are you supposed to store you soap? 

Well let me explain..


Natural soap needs to be dried of properly in order to prevent it from becoming soggy, if you leave the bar of soap on the side of the tub, the water collects and stays underneath the bar. This will cause the bar to become soggy underneath and make it fall apart a lot faster. 

We will tell you how to store it further down just keep reading.


2. Keep the little bits.

Yes, keep the little bits.

The little bits at the end of your bars life cycle usually get thrown away because they're so hard to grab and use.

But the truth is, that they actually have a few more runs in them, you just need to know how to harness it. 

Our exfoliation pouch isn't only a great natural exfoliator but also doubles as a soap saver. The pouch lets you easily throw all your little bits in and use it a few more times. It allows you to get more uses out of every bit which in return, lets you save a bit of money with each wash.


3. Turn down the temperature.

Everyone enjoys a nice hot shower, everyone but your bar of soap that is. 

Although the hot water doesnt directly harm the bar of soap, it does make the soap softer and lose it shape when its in a hot climate.

That's why its best to store your bar outside of your shower when using hot water or to just turn down the temperature a bit when washing.

Your bar of soap enjoys colder waters because it can stay harder and stay for longer with you.


4. Use a soap dish to let it dry well.

Now the best way to dry off your bar of soap...

To use a soap dish that allows all the water to run off your bar of soap between uses. We talked about earlier letting all the water run off your bar to prevent it from becoming softer, our soap dish does that perfectly.

Studies have shown that you can almost double the lifespan of your bar of soap if you manage to let it dry completely before its next use. 

The grooves on our soap dish are designed to let all the water run off the bar of soap and let it dry better and quicker than if it was on the side of your tub.


Please try all or any of these tips as they have the potential to make your investment last longer and to let it continue to give you your benefits.