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24 Ways You Can Have Fun This Fall!

Whether you are looking for fun fall activities for kids and families or if you’re an adult who just loves fun outdoor activities and the fall season, this list has got you covered.
It’s spooky-season, and this list of Top 24 Fun Fall Activities will help get you in the fall mood.
We’ve even thrown in a few indoor fall activities for rainy days.
  1. In honor of the beginning of spooky-season, watch some scary or Halloween themed movies! There are so many playing throughout the month of October, and whether you are looking for family-friendly Halloween movies or want to scare yourself silly, your favorite subscription service or cable channel will not disappoint.
  2. Go apple picking! Nothing says fall like a crisp day and a crisp apple.
  3. Take those apples and bake a pie.
  4. Don’t forget to also make (or enjoy) some hot apple cider by the fire!
  5. While your pie is baking, make a fun fall craft. Pinterest does not lack craft ideas, whether it’s kid-friendly fall crafts or something a little more sophisticated.
  6. Visit a corn maze!
  7. If you can’t walk through one, book an overnight stay in a local haunted house or haunted location! With that in mind, visit your local paper’s website or a local group on Facebook to search for “fun fall activities near me.” Fall-themed food truck rally’s, restaurant events, outdoor concerts, movies in the park, etc. happen almost daily during this time of year.
  8. Rake up some leaves and jump right in!
  9. Host a fall-themed pot-luck with friends. Share pumpkin pie, chili, and any other cozy food you can think of with friends.
  10. Run a turkey trot! The cooler weather makes running much more pleasant.
  11. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin…
  12. …and then carve a jack-o-lantern of course!
  13. And roast some pumpkin seeds!
  14. And get into the pumpkin spice mood by baking a pumpkin-themed treat like pie, bars, or even blend up a pumpkin pie smoothie!
  15. Enjoy s’ mores by the fire – you may even want to tell a spooky story or two!
  16. Start a neighborhood porch decorating contest (or just decorate yours for fun)!
  17. Find a drive-through Halloween scare event, or if you are comfortable, a socially distanced walk through event, like a haunted house.
  18. Head out to your local farmers market on a cool Saturday morning.
  19. Visit an animal sanctuary or animal rehabilitation center. Some counties or states have special parks that house animal rehabilitation centers. There you’ll be educated on the animals, and get to visit some cute critters!
  20. Take a drive where the leaves are turning.
  21. Find an Oktoberfest celebration!
  22. With that in mind, find a brewery and taste some of their fall brews.
  23. Enjoy a picnic with friends or family.
  24. Go on a nature hike. You’ll get to see those beautiful leaves again, and enjoy some exercise.
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Blog written by Kristen Flowers